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Lavrov to Tillerson: To avoid Idlib 'attack' probe means international community does not seek the truth

If an international inquiry into the chemical attack in Syria's Idlib is not instituted, it will mean that the international community is not interested in establishing the truth about the matter, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after talks with his US counterpart in Moscow. "I would like to stress that we are 100 percent sure that, if our colleagues in the UN or in The Hague will steer away from this investigation, it will basically mean that they do not want to find out the truth," the Russian Foreign Minister said, adding, that Russia "will insist on" launching the investigation. At the same time, Lavrov noted that Moscow is ready to support the idea of launching an international inquiry into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib. He also stressed that any UN Security Council resolution that focused on solely blaming Damascus and not on investigating the Idlib incident would be counterproductive. During the joint news conference, the US State Secretary Rex Tillerson repeated his claims that the US had information which "confirms that the US strikes against the Syrian troops were justified." "The perspective from the US, supported by the facts that we have, are conclusive that the

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