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Undertrained employees are organisations’ biggest cyber security weakness

An organisation’s own staff is its biggest cyber security weakness, a new survey from CyberEdge Group claims. The fourth annual Cyberthreat Defence Report, which polled the security industry’s top vendors, found that respondents’ greatest obstacle in establishing effective defences was “low security awareness among employees”. The second biggest obstacle was a “lack of skilled personnel”.

The results are consistent with CyberEdge’s previous three reports, but, for the first time, the survey also questioned organisations specifically about ransomware attacks. Among respondents, 61% said they had been compromised in the past year. Of those affected:

  • 33% paid the ransom and recovered their data
  • 54% refused to pay but successfully recovered their data anyway
  • 13% refused to pay and subsequently lost their data
Among individual countries, the UK was comparatively secure – although ‘comparatively’ is the operative word, as over half (56%) of organisations reported being compromised. Japan was the least affected country (36%) and Mexico was the most affected (88%).

Can’t get the staff

With malicious attacks being so prevalent, having well-trained staff who are aware of security risks is crucial. Respondents to the Cyberthreat Defence Report corroborate this, and yet organisations continue

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