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PC Building Simulator: Build Your Own PC And Sell It

Setup Computer Rig While Having Fun With New PC Building Simulator

Are you one of those who enjoys building a gaming PC? Then, there is something that might interest you.

Currently under development by Romanian programmer, Claudiu, “PC Building Simulator,” is a game that allows you to build a gaming PC with high-end components from scratch. However, though the game is still in a pre-alpha state, the demo still offers tutorial from the very basic key points of the process, basic graphics and limited gameplay mechanics. There is also a ‘career mode’ in the works where you can sell PC builds and make money from it.

According to Rock Paper Shotgun (RPS), this solo project simulator does not have any danger unlike other simulators i.e My Summer Car, Mechanic Simulator, and World of Guns.

“The purpose of this game is to try to teach people about building PCs while still having fun,” wrote the game’s developer, Claudiu (via RPS). “I strive to make it a fun game to play but also a tool to plan builds or for those who want to practice this hobby without spending thousands of dollars.”

The developer said that “I

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