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Kaspersky lab explained why hackers drilled holes in ATMs

Attackers  began to drill holes into ATM's last year. For example, in autumn 2016 Vice - Chairman of the Russian bank Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov  told reporters that the scammers have adopted new technique "drilled box". "Hackers first drill a hole in the ATM and then connect cable. By using cable attackers can immediately siphoned off money," he explained.
Of course security specialists at Kaspersky notice this new attack. At the conference "Security Analyst Summit" researchers from "Kaspersky Lab" talked about this technique in more detail. This method is more easier unlike complex and large-scale Malware campaigns that include compromising the networks of banks and infecting ATMs. The attacker need only powerful drill and custom gadget assembled for $15, which will give command to dispenser of the ATM.
The experts did not say the names of the affected banks and models of ATMs. However, it is known that the ATMs were drilled not only in Russia, but also in Europe.
The investigation by "Kaspersky Lab" began when the representatives of an unnamed Bank detected the hole in robbed by hackers ATM and addressed called the specialists. The device was completely whole and safe. But it was the hole with size of

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