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Tripoli NEW Battleground of NATO's Terrorist Militias

In Libya there are approximately 15 or more different terrorist militia groups attempting to hold on to some control of their piece of Libya. The biggest militia gang is from the city of Misurata and they tagged themselves with the unlikely name of "Libya Dawn". This group is made up of radicals from Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG, Al Qaeda, etc. This is also the group of rats that first joined Hillary Clinton in her illegal "made-up, false flag" war against Libya. These Misurata criminals have been supported by Obama. John McCain and Hillary Clinton since 2011 (until the last election) with arms, mercenaries and money. The other militias are much smaller groups but made up of terrorists and some mercenaries but are also well armed.

These groups had come together recently to form a new large militia to try and take all of Libya but apparently it has not come together. This comes as no surprise as these terrorists are psychopaths who have no desire to be under any other groups control.

Consequently, you now have all these so called militias coming together in Tripoli to fight each other over who will control

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