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Documentation of the Music Underground interviews, Before the Internet

cc003This section of Public Collectors is devoted to documentation of underground music resources drawn from small press magazines, self-published fanzines and personal collections from before the internet. Material is sorted by band or individual artist. Jello Biafra, Butthole Surfers, Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C., Die Kreuzen, DRI, the ex, Fugazi, Hüsker Dü, Jesus Lizard, Killdozer, Melvins, M.D.C., Sonic Youth, Suicidal Tendencie, Swans

Biafra, Jello (Dead Kennedys, Alternative Tentacles Records)
PDF of 2 interviews
(total 10 pages, 6.3 megs)
PDF Includes:
Black Market #7, 1987. 6 pages.
Breakfast Without Meat #12, 1988. 4 pages
PDF of 1 article
(total 6 pages, 1.4 megs)
Maximum Rock N Roll #53, October 1987. 6 pages. "This Is Art. Jello Is Free!" by Ruth Schwartz. Coverage of the Jello Biafra / Dead Kennedys / Alternative Tentacles obscenity trial over the H.R. Giger poster art included with the album "Frankenchrist".
Butthole Surfers
PDF of 1 interview
(total 5 pages, 3 megs)

Tripping Yarns 2, 1988. Interview with King Koffey, Terry, Paul and Mark. 5 pages.



Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.)
PDF of 1 interview
(total 3 pages, 2.3 megs)

Uncle Fester #13, 1987. Interview with Reed, Woody and Simon. 3 pages.


Die Kreuzen
PDF of 1 interview
(total 2 pages, 1.2 megs)

Maximum Rock N Roll #5, March/April 1983. Interview with entire band. 2 pages.



Documentation of a concert by DRI in Virginia Beach (5 photos)


Ex, The
PDF of 1 interview
(total 4 pages, 3.7 megs)

AOC #10, 1990? Interview with G.W. Sok. 6 pages.


PDF of 2 interviews
(total 9 pages, 6.1 megs)
PDF Includes:
Flipside #56, Summer 1988. Interview with entire band. 4 pages
Maximum Rock N Roll #66, November 1988. Interview with Guy, Ian and Joe. 5 pages.

A Collection of Live Banter From the Band Fugazi



Hüsker Dü
PDF of 1 interview
(total 3 pages, 3.1 megs)
Black Market #7, 1987. 3 pages. Interview with entire band. Note: Interview cuts off with an unanswered question; response does not follow elsewhere.
Jesus Lizard, The

Documentation of 2 concerts by The Jesus Lizard in Pittsburgh (38 photos)


Documentation of a concert by Killdozer in Pittsburgh (18 photos)
PDF of 4 features
(total: 27 pages, 13.4 megs)
PDF Includes:
Hell Toupee #3?, Summer 1988. Interview with Michael Gerald. 3 pages.
Suburban Voice #25, no year. Interview with Michael Gerald and Bill Hobson. 4 pages.
Tripping Yarns #2, 1988. Interview with entire band. 5 pages.
Your Flesh #19, Spring/Summer 1990. Killdozer Tour Diary, 15 pages.

Rip, September, 1987. 1 page article by Peter Davis. - New!



PDF of 1 interview
(total 7 pages, 3.7 megs)

Flipside #73, July/August 1991. Interview with entire band. 7 pages.


PDF of 1 article
(total 4 pages, 2.5 megs)

Maximum Rock N Roll #5, March/April 1983. Report on tour of Europe by Dave M.D.C. 4 pages.


Sonic Youth
PDF of 2 interviews
(total 9 pages, 4.3 megs)
PDF Includes:
Dagger #7 July/August/September 1988. Interview with Thurston Moore. 4 pages.

Flipside #58, Winter 1989. Interview with Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Renaldo. 5 pages.


Suicidal Tendencies

Documentation of Flyers and Printed Matter From Early Concerts (28 photos)


PDF of 1 interview
(total 3 pages, 1.9 megs)
Fear and Loathing, Volume 30, 1995, Interview with Michael Gira and Jarboe. 2 pages.






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