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The history&philosophy of Netlabels + documentary video

ab009During the early to mid-1980’s, a collective of primarily teenage boys “formed possibly the earliest transnational networked digital subculture that centered around creating artifacts: the demoscene” (Carlsson, 2009, p. 16). The demoscene is essentially a subculture of hackers, computer programmers, and musicians who make “demos,” or audio-visual presentations that run on a computer. This networked culture of creators historically shared their demos through Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), which were computers with special software that were run by a sysop, or systems operator.

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Àsino Elettronico

ab035Àsino Elettronico is a netlabel from Serbia dedicated to promotion of unique, non-genre based electronic sounds coming from this part of Europe.
Ran and supported by a small group of young enthusiasts,

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Pavillon36 Recordings

Rino36We are a DIY netlabel based in Nîmes, France. We mostly focused on Electronica, IDM, Breakcore & Jungle but others strange sounds are accepted. All music is free to download for non-profit use under a Creative Commons License. We receive demo from anyone, in any styles.

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ab038Jahtari is definitely the most unique Netlabels far and wide. Carefully insert January Gleichmar aka disrupt a publication out to the other about Jahtari in the world. It can also be times long time to be quiet, but the Jahtari Music Archive, but full of dub reggae with diamonds is. Who wants to know more about Jahtari, reads most of the portrait "The years of 8-bit chip-Dub-Digital Laptop Reggae Music" on That's what I wrote at that time some time ago for the Sceen Magazine. But is timeless. After the jump you'll get all MP3 download links ... Everything Creative Commons music:)

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12rec Netlabel

ab040Interview with DIY-Netlabel 12rec | With their fabulous 50th release it's time to visit the Do-It-Yourself Netlabel 12rec from Germany. Phlow met Sim Sullen and Sven Swift on the digital highway to have a chat about the strategies, attitude and why they enjoy exploiting themselves in the name of music! Together we unravel some old 12rec-screenshots, watch once more our most favorite netlabel-video-clip to date and listen to their new compilation

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Epsilonlab Netlabel

cc001Timeless Eloquent House | The sound of Epsilonlab is lush, deep, melodic, dubby and techy. You find the spirit of house-music in every release. With great musicians like Paul Keeley, Pheek, Eloi Brunelle or Sensual Physics Epsilonlab published some of the finest house-music released under a cc-licence. Even if Epsilonlab is a little quiet right now, we can state, that the Epsilonlab Collective is without any doubt one of the first professional netlabels. Epsilonlab grew suddenly out of the ground, we raised our hands frenetic in the air and embraced than the beautfiful sounds from Canada.

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cc002Wow! Netlabel Thinner relaunches the website and releases its 100th netaudio-album. And of course, it's an compilation with music from most well-known producers like Sensual Physics, Benfay, Laura Palmer, Veer, Brian Kage, Eloi Brunelle and Deluge. But Thinner not only shows us its new dresses. No, there's a lot more waiting to discover. Next to the music downloads in even higher encoding quality like the lossless music-format FLAC and 320-kbps-encoded MP3s,

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Bypass Netlabel


Bypass Netlabel is an independent internet record label which was founded by audio engineer ZhangJW in 2008 and located in the Beijing city, China. We are interested in offer originality or art-forms of electronica music. (But actually there we always offend ourselves releasing defined. ;) So far Bypass got half-hundred releases genres covered included Ambient, Chiptune, Experimental, IDM, Trip-Hop or Field recording. We respect that every artists who working seriously for free-music and sound creating, that is one of important things for us. The other one would be electronic music anyway.

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Acid-Traxx Records

ab031ACID-TRAXX. REC. is the place for new & recognized music visioners. Music today has very different & super-complicated forms. ACID-TRAXX. REC. is of the opinion that the rythym & melody are an inseparable part of the music. Black is black & we shoudln't call this white. We respond to every query & we try to be objective in our opinions. Sometimes criticism is better than the best lie. Check out

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