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Acid-Traxx Records

ab031ACID-TRAXX. REC. is the place for new & recognized music visioners. Music today has very different & super-complicated forms. ACID-TRAXX. REC. is of the opinion that the rythym & melody are an inseparable part of the music. Black is black & we shoudln't call this white. We respond to every query & we try to be objective in our opinions. Sometimes criticism is better than the best lie. Check out


All the music on this site is distributed under the creative All the music on this site is distributed under the creative commons copyright. We release primarily acid-detroit techno-minimal wave- fusion-new wave-electro-shakuhachi & didgeridoo music. ACiD-TRAXX REC. supports new & recognized artists-music programmers & visioners. We share often one's observations with peoples about new directions in world music & proven technical solutions in specific music genrescommons copyright.



Centurion is a precursor of fatality fusion (among other things: Natural Born Killers-Cats-Lagarta Rojo..). He takes first steps into music programming with Amiga Protracker v.2.2. Active since '96 up to this day. He always acts under the influence of works of Dan Forden-Herbie Hancock-Ian Hammer-Mort Garson-808 State-Cabaret Voltaire & ADN' Ckrystall (Centurion/discogs) Centurion-Nbk 2(axx42/2009)


Jeff Joel Lennox is one and only member of one Death on Glamour-band which works within the area of the sinister amalgamation of the minimalistic, social and equivocal experimental music (Death on Glamour/web). His music is always minimalistic and sometimes set the teeth on edge because of its simplicity, but don't step back immediately if you dislike this or that track at the first moment. Please, take your time and think what author wanted to say. Be patient. Remember, time, brain and social location are your best friends in understanding Death On Glamour music. The main idea of everything Jeff is doing>..Artist should not only bring beauty or fun to this world, but also a better future, no matter for this generation or next (Death on Glamour/discogs). D.oG.-Detroit Techno(axx38/2009)


Worrg makes music from electronic trash found on internet (Worrg/myspace). He has a dadaistic approach to visual & music art. He uses sample slicing technique & VST-plug-ins (with MIDI controler). He's the leader of Merde Sur La Mer. His tracks border on the avant-garde with psychodelic rhythm section. He's a new-industrial Zappa & John Zorn on a rock'n'roll kick. (Worrg/discogs). Worgg-Untitled(axx39-No.2/2009)


Paul Willocks (Tech Star) is a UK based producer who started out getting creative with electronic music back in 1995 when he got his first turntables and a simple two channel mixer. He began producing with Cubase and Rebirth on PC. Today-Paul uses Ableton Live 8 rewired with Reason 4 as his DAW. His outboard gear includes the folllowing specification: Korg Electribe EMX (ESX/ER-1 & EA-1)-Roland MC-307 (combination of MIDI music sequencer & drum machine)- Waldorf Blofeld (synthesizer) and Novation Remote Zero SL (Tech Star/discogs). Tech Star-Momentum(axx39/2009)


Hailing from the garages of Buenos Aires - Klangs climbs to grindcore scene in 2009 with their debut album - Prank (Klangs/web). It combines syrupy lines with to-the-point guitar/bass & drums work to generate a disc overflowing with sugar-coated ditties. With standout tracks like Hold The Line (Homeless Ghost and El Caso María Soledad). Look for klangs to be a major factor in the darkpop landscape for years to come (Klangs/discogs). Members: Leopoldo Augustin de Sarro/Santiago Pedernera & Juan Manuel Ormaechea (Klangs/myspace). Co-operators: THE_SUCK COCKER (Noise in Hold The Line). Klangs-Hold The Line(axx50/2009)


Hezbollah.303. God-seeker & music programmer (Hezbollah.303/discogs). One-eyed hidden shiva beyond the mind horizons. Primary care physician with ACID-TRAXX REC. One & the same (Hezbollah.303/myspace). Hezbollah.303-Omnifarious 11(axx52/2009)



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