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Basic Atari Teenage Riot iPhone app philosophy by Alec Empire + London gig+ 4CD, 1DVD free download

ab015The free iPhone app features all ATR albums and songs, all videos, a photo archive, bio, news updates and also a ‘Riotsounds Produce Riots’ audioplayer. This audio player includes all the sounds/WAV files that ATR used at the May 1st 1999 demonstration (very low sub basses, square waves, noise sounds which trigger hysteria and panic within the audience) & would make them available to every political activisit out there. The idea being that you can hook up your iPhone to a speaker system if there is a rally: Apple/iTunes is arguing that they still need to investigate further, because it is legally a grey area and ATR has been indexed in Germany before (censored).

The delay in releasing the App will mean it’s not available ahead of May 1st when Berlin police are expecting the biggest riots since the nineties. ATR are waiting to find out if it is allowed a release at all. Alec Empire is set to appear in a documentary film for the German/French TV station ARTE about music & sound being used to torture prisoners. Alec will be interviewing soldiers who were in Iraq, prisoners from Guantanamo Bay & others involved, he was chosen for his knowledge of the matter, which may be one of the reasons why Apple is so concerned. Recently reunited German electro-punk spazzes  Atari Teenage Riot are still causing controversy. ATR's iPhone app has been delayed by the German iTunes store due to a dispute over its content. The free app is set to feature every ATR  album, song, and video, as well as photos, news updates, and more. But it also included something called "Riotsounds  Produce Riots", an audio player that features sounds that ATR used at a May Day protest in 1999, at which the band members were arrested.

Responding to inquiries about the app's status, ATR mastermind Alec Empire writes, "Today's  status is that the ATR iPhone will be released within the next ten days. The Riotsounds  player might be added later with an update. It's a legal loophole. So not sure yet what the outcome will be. But the free app which includes all ATR songs and videos plus a lot of extras will still be pretty awesome, even if the Riotsounds  player is not included in this version. ATR  plans regular updates for the app including free bonus tracks, unreleased songs, outtakes and more."

Basic ATR philosophy (riot sounds produce riots) by Alec Empire

Riot sound effects can produce riots ! Play them in a riot situation and the police will come you'll see... Cuts on the ghettoblaster can be used as a weapon ! The kids are united and they will never be divided... FIGHT!

Atari Teenage Riot, 1995 Berlin

Atari Teenage Riot. I think that in general young people will make the change. They have the energy to just say: Fuck it! Let's do everything new! Because they are not too deeply involved in it yet. You can still have the same approach to things when you're older. But that's very rare. We don't speak for anyone but us. We shout at everyone what we feel and think and people can agree or not...I reject power and family structures. I am not some kind of father figure for the DHR scene. When they wanted me to be I destroyed my position (I made a record on Mille Plateaux or started a guitar band or whatever... I destroyed the image of me that others had created). The majority of the youth does not have any vision, not any idea of the future or change. Boredom has led to fascism not hate. Nationalism must die! Capitalism must die! This system must be destroyed.

It has become a fake democracy where the major industries/corporations have more control than people have. This society maximises money for a minority. This society feels like a prison to us. Christian morals have destroyed a lot of freedom. We could just sit back and wait until the system implodes. But we can't wait - we are too young! It is the structure that's wrong not some persons/politicians in certain positions ...Small political changes will always be changed back - this is no solution! It just slows down the process.

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT is here to destroy this fake harmony that is simulated by the media and the entertainment industry! This system produces racism. It makes a lot of sense for the government that it exists. It's easy to sell. Even the music scene is reflecting this too.

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and DIGITAL HARDCORE is our reaction to all that. Fight the system, the power and you will succeed over racism one day... My grandfather died in a concentration camp during World War Two. He was not Jewish. The Nazis killed him because he was socialist. Do you think he would have survived in the 50's in the U.S.? My life must be resistance!

It's down to us: Do not vote! Let's start riots ! Set police cars on fire! Celebrate girls! Respect terrorists! Smash TV sets! Destroy all prisons! Destroy Christian morals! Sex! More Graffiti! Promote drugs and Foucault! Get alive!!!!!!!!!! What are you waiting for? It just takes a few seconds... DO IT ...Let's just change the world!

If you are cynical about it you're right wing! The industry always tries to turn every youth movement into a joke. We are sick of this! Riot sounds produce riots!

I am not thinking about replacing this system with just something else. I think there are two possible developments; anarchy or fascism (a controlled society that may be even worse than fascism! That's the direction where I see it going now...). The state uses violence against us all the time. You can't change anything if you don't have enough money. So fuck it! A riot creates an energy that can change or destroy this system. Damaging public institutions and places cost the state money that helps the system to implode! A riot is sexier than fake peace. And it is not easily controllable. Of course "riot" is a symbol for something that happens in people's heads before all that. In general our aim is to live an anti-fascist life, a society without any power structures! No family structure! Like a mob! No hierarchy anymore! Anarchy...

Gudrun Ensslin of the terrorist organisation RAF once said: "Everything is political! Even when I have sex!" That is so right! There is no "I'm not really political...!" If you just want to consume blind happiness - That is very political! There is no in between! The entertainment industry (radio, TV, etc.) has only one function: To keep everyone/everything quiet. They just produce boredom! Digital Hardcore is here to destroy this fake harmony! Because it's a lie! Noise is the key - life is full of noise - only death is quiet! That's why noise is banned from radio, TV, supermarkets, etc.. The mid. frequencies produce the adrenaline in your body. When people are excited, angry, full of emotions etc. they make a lot of noise! A good example for that can be live recordings. We take elements of styles of music that had at a certain moment in time what we call "a revolutionary energy". The technology gives us the opportunity to reproduce these moments.

Riot sounds produce riots! Digital Hardcore is functional music not pop music. Fuel for the fire... Music produces emotions. When you feel something you understand it. You don't even need to verbalise it...For this fact music has a lot of power. More than most people think! That's why it's used everywhere... Mostly as a tranquilliser and to escape reality!

My motivation to compose or produce music is always political. ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and my solo stuff on DHR like THE DESTROYER have only one function: riot sounds produce riots! (My Mille Plateaux records have the same intention but are different. e.g.. HYPERMODERN JAZZ 2000.5 and LES ETOILES... I went back to a certain point where I think that this certain style of music (Free Jazz, Bebop, and Musique Concrete etc.) had a moment where it had produced what I call a revolutionary energy. I developed it from there into our time. Because it was not it's "real" development the music gets a surreal effect. HYPERMODERN JAZZ 2000.5 is like a construction of a Jazz deconstruction - it's like a zombie or so - it's like smashing a glass into a thousand pieces and then sticking it back together. You can perhaps drink out of it but you will see that it was smashed and you taste very small pieces of glass cutting your throat.

Sometimes if one is screamed at all the time one closes ears very quickly. I am aware of that.)

Delete yourself! Delete Yourself! means delete/erase your official personal information. Become illegal! At the moment I am not officially resident in any country which makes it difficult for the police. (Last year the high court in Germany "Staatsanwaltschaft" tried to sue us and a Berlin TV station which broadcasted an interview with us. It was "anti-democratic" and "instigating violence" etc. They couldn't get us so they just started to take the TV station to court but nothing happened.

When it comes to "the freedom of speech" they just take the right to judge and suddenly this democracy is worth nothing...) The government/police will use more and more technology to keep people under control (They even don't hide the fact in cities like Singapore etc.).

But you are right "Delete Yourself! You got no chance to win!" is also directed at the enemies (people who support or develop ideas like that). They should just die...I have no respect or whatever for them.

A revolution always includes the destruction of something old and outdated. The Christians brainwashed everyone with ideas that simply say that you should be thankful for your life and you should accept everything (god who chooses leaders, justifies wars etc. etc.). People fear death. Consequently they wouldn't risk their own life for a change! They prefer waiting for death and maybe getting something better (heaven) after death if they behaved and passed the test. Suicide is not allowed because it is denial of the final human means of liberation.

The Projection Since the reunification, Germany has become even more conservative and right wing. The German government produces racism by pushing certain laws, (emigration laws etc.). There is this new upcoming nationalism again. Since 1993 the neo-nazi movement has grown about four times bigger than it was. The media ignores the situation because they are a part of it and because it doesn't sell anymore. The unemployment rate is the highest in German history etc. etc....Our track "Deutschland has gotta die!" is an anti-nationalist statement. It could refer to the Americans as well! The Germans are people who are just ass kissing or killing people with smiles on their faces. And they are not the only ones..

equipment - fuck the shit up!

Who was first ? The equipment or us? And is all this a well thought through marketing campaign manipulated by the international third eye future nazi corporation of Digital Sound Sources Direct?

Yeah, yeah..."Just look at the one dollar note. They are out there. 23 23. They are controlling me!!!" Fuck that! Everyone knows that conspiracy theories are the new religion of the stupid!!!!!!!!!

I do not think that movements like hip-hop, digital hardcore, techno etc would not exist without a certain piece of gear. Of course the sounds of these genres would be different without certain equipment and it is not really possible to imagine how old-school rap would have sounded without a TR-808 or so. But I am sure people would have found other ways of creating stuff. In capitalism there is a constant feedback between industry and consumer. It's wrong to ask the question like that!

It should be. Would companies like ROLAND still exist without these genres? Or why make certain pieces of gear so that a whole generation becomes cynical about their own visions? (Like a $20 U.S. "Rapman" that you can buy at every Shell petrol station...) The need to fight the boredom around you is not a result of major industry! The best example is Techno. The analogue drum-machines and synthesisers were not really build for that genre (because it didn't exist like that before). First the equipment got very cheap. When Techno was alive and moving you couldn't get the stuff anymore. People started to sell them second hand for very expensive prices. Then when Techno was already dead (because it made too many compromises to the mainstream and couldn't move on anymore) the industry came up with this pseudo-do-it-yourself campaign (e.g. MC 303, etc. etc.). I felt like they took a part of me away and tried to sell it to the pigs. They always reduce a thousand plateaux to one, to one that seems easy to control. But then some kids come, piss over it and smash it into a thousand again...When we were mods we used to say: It's not about the machine - It's the person who drives it!

Fairly cheap equipment you could use to start digital hardcore with :
Yamaha SU-10 Sampler (used by ATR, EC8OR, SHIZUO, etc.)
Roland MS-1 (used by ALEC EMPIRE)
Amiga 440 + "tracker" program (used by EC8OR)


Atari Teenage Riot, Electric Ballroom

When Atari Teenage Riot last played London in 1999, it was at Brixton Academy and it was supporting Nine Inch Nails, MC Carl Crack was had too many drugs to make it on stage and female vocalist Hanin Elias had just walked out of the band, Alec Empire and Nic Endo still took the stage playing a set of harsh white noise, shortly afterwards the band split up. Bring time forward to 2010, and the band have reunited for a string of dates (including this single London show) and a new single, and if we are lucky a lot more.

The band opened the set with new single Activate, within seconds they bring their unbelievable force of energy to the venue, while the crowd goes insane; the track is a perfect opener and sounds great with such an enthusiastic crowd, the atmosphere and energy during this song showed us from the start just how special this gig was going to be. The band power through the whole set without pausing, keeping the energy high, the show was very intense with both the band and the crowd not stopping, the band played favourites such as Into The Death, Destroy 2000 Years of Culture, Midijunkies, Get Up While You Can and Too Dead For Me each song being adrenaline filled, half the crowd moshing, the other half with their fists in the air, energy being high throughout, all three band members don’t give up, keeping the beats pounding during the whole set.

The new member, the relatively unknown CX Kidtronik proved he was worthy of the group while Nic Endo showed us that she can deliver the main vocals just as good as Hanin Elias could, but the stage was ruled by group founder Alec Empire who was on a whole new level that evening – showing even more power that he does at his solo shows, he is in his prime playing Atari Teenage Riot songs.

The energy of the band never calmed through the whole set, the encore included the best songs of the night, songs that are really suited to a live show, such as Speed, Not Your Business, Revolution Action and final song Start The Riot all of which showed the crowd going even more mental than they were already throughout the whole set. The final song Start the Riot ended with a 5 minute jam of noise between the band members, really showing the intensity of the music, combined with the strobe lighting, it was a mind grain of music. This was louder than your average gig. After not stopping and talking to the audience for the whole set when the noise finally ended, Alec Empire addressed the crowd, he told the story of the last Atari Teenage Riot gig in London, he said that they always felt they needed to make it up to London for that gig, it has taken ten years, but this was that gig, and it was truly special, now we must hope that the band may return to the UK in the future and record more new material.



















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