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Hard shit



Released March 2008
Format CD
Added on Thursday, 24 September 2015
Genre Electro
Edition date March 2008
Country Croatia
Label NMFSCDnetLabel
Catalog Number NMFSCD003

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govno (a kranky guy from eastern europe as far as we know): fragmentary & raw electro-rhythmic pieces; very fast, flickering and vital eruptive stuff creating a bizarre techno-surreal atmosphere between funny pop & digital noise. weird! reminds on some tonto or mego-stuff. ----- via drone records



limited to 100 copies is the release by govno, who offers no less then fifteen short pieces, in almost twenty seven minutes. i am not sure if i think he lives up to his title ‘hard shit’... it’s overall short, rhythm pieces in which not much seem to happen, but given the time frame that’s ok. crude, experimental techno pieces, which made me think that the hard shit part is probably more the lo-fi technology by which this was created then the actual musical content. maybe these pieces are more intended to be played in repeat mode during y’r dj set, then to be consumed in y’r living room.


vital weekly



ein ganzes stück durchgeknallter sind die spielereien von govno. zwischen drill’n‘bass und cut-ups pendelnde nervöse tracks – meistens zwischen einer und zwei minuten lang – die keine gefangenen machen. nicht wirklich “hard shit”, aber für das geübte ohr eine willkommene tour de force jenseits der genregrenzen.



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