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Israeli Intelligence Operating Down Under

by Guest, 7 years ago
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An Israeli company based in Melbourne is spread throught Oz operating Shopping Mall Stalls selling beauty products.

Aptly, the product they carpet bag is called \"Seacret - Minerals From The Dead Sea\".

I have been tracked by Israeli Intelligence and their network of \"Sayanim\" (jewish helpers) since 2007. They turned up at a bus stop as I was leaving an isolated town, walked straight up to me and introduced themselves as Latvian othodox jews seeking a place to make a Communal type setting - which i had expressed an interest in doing online. They bump into me in back packers. They go to my relatives houses, my friends houses posing as \"art sellers\" but go to NO other houses in the street. Tracked my communications and turned up at new residences which I had just spoken to someone over the phone.

This culminated in the outting of Mr Leon Wende and his Intelligence gathering activities within the Australian Defense Force.