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Syria : Fake Protests from the Very Beginning

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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This is how they fabricate the videos in order to discredit the Syrian army and security: 1. They hire actors to play the role of Syrian soldiers or security personnel. The actors play their roles and give the impression that the Syrian soldiers or security personnel are killing or suppressing the people. 2. The so-called \"Free Syrian Army\" arrests or kills the \"actors\", so it appears as the \"Savoir\" of the Syrian people. \"Marwah Algamyan\" joined the long list of crap and became another icon of the so-called \"Syrian Revolution\". They call her \"activist\". In this video you are going to see this \"activist\" along with other actors faking protests and arrest scenes in order to ignite the people against their government. You will see how the fake security personnel made his best to touch her (a Muslim woman) in the arrest scene, and may be you know that in some conservative communities, this could actually lead to violent reactions.