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Boston Bomb Hoax? Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off? (Mirror)

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by worrg, 4 years ago
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Some people are suggesting this is the phoney leg bone prosthetic falling off. If you find it difficult to comment without using profanity and personal attacks, please move along. I would like to hear from EMT workers with respect to my comments on protocol: You always should place a double amputee in the vertical position to help the blood flow while you sit him on his wounds in a wheel chair and always wheel him at least 50 yards (100 yards is better) to (where?) making sure there are plenty of controlled media photographers to get some close ups enroute to (??). Never do you ever consider backing up the ambulance up to anywhere near where he is, and putting him in the ambulance on the stretcher. Where are they taking him anyway? There where several emergency vehicles coming and going?