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San Bernardino Victims Daughter Exposes Her Mother To Be A FAKE

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by admin, 3 years ago
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What better way to pump up ISIS and gun confiscation laws then to script an Iranian woman who escaped from Iran 18 years ago to end up being murdered by those she first escaped.
The father and 3 kids made more interviews the next day than Robbie Parker, Andy Parker and Chris Hurst combined.
But listen to what her daughter says to Anderson Pooper the next day.
If this doesn't prove to you that this whole San Bernardino event was nothing but a STAGED HOAX then nothing will.

Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewed the family of a woman alleged to have been slain in San Bernardino. The first question which came to mind was why any survivors (the father took the decision) whose loved one had been brutally murdered the day before would agree to go on international media. What type of father would put his grieving children through the added emotional torture of a media appearance and questioning, within hours of suffering the most devastating family and personal loss possible?

If someone can provide a reasonable explanation for the casual demeanor of the slain woman’s daughter in the CNN interview, the video will disappear from this blog. Perhaps the children were placed on heavy sedative medications, and this explains the daughter’s unusual behavior – especially at 2:38 in the video after CNN’s Mr. Cooper asks her, “How are you holding up?”. One notices the daughter’s reaction as similar to the know-it-all student who raises his/her hand every time the teacher asks a question, while exclaiming “I know!.. I know!” That reaction was the most disturbing and inexplicable – again, within 24-hours of the mother’s brutal murder.

Many others will look at the San Bernardino shooting from every conceivable angle; it shouldn’t take too long to learn whether it was a false flag. I share this CNN clip only because it seemed highly unusual for the reasons mentioned. Another observation leads to questions about the timing of the California event so soon after the Russian military’s world-shaking allegations of ISIS-Turkey cooperation in smuggling oil stolen from Iraq and Syria, focused on Turkish President Erdogan and his family’s criminal involvement. The California shooting took center stage on the world’s media (particularly in the United States), effectively putting the ISIS oil smuggling story on the “back-burner”.