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Those “final messages” from Aleppo Syria look more like a coordinated PR campaign

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by admin, 2 years ago
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Final messages are flying out of Aleppo, Syria. They are taking social media by storm simultaneously. It almost looks like a coordinated PR campaign. It's almost as if they were hoping these final messages would trend and get picked up by mainstream media. It almost like these are just innocent civilians, with no message, no strategy, no politics. Just people simply fighting for their lives. One day saying goodbye to the world on social media, the next day giving interviews to BBC, CNN, and AL JAZEERA. Well, they’re not. These are activists. Some of them just recently joined Twitter and clearly support the "revolution" - they have thousands of followers. Some call themselves journalists and are verified on Facebook like Bilal Abul Kareem - an American who has no problem pushing al Nusra propaganda. You know, the "rebels".
This guy is a member of the White Helmets - who were founded by a British ex-military officer and have been funded with millions by the U.S. and UK. And this one is a little girl named Bana - Also joined Twitter not so long ago, in September. She's already verified and has over 200 thousand followers. Bana is 7 years old and tweets in perfect English from the heart of East Aleppo with a little help from her mom. And she also had a final message just in time.
So what do all of these people have in common? They want you to think there's one side to this story. One truth. That Assad is randomly going city to city and killing his own people for some crazy reason with the help of RUSSIA even though the whole world is watching. They want you to think these civilians pouring out of Aleppo are running from genocide committed by the Syrian army. And those who celebrate out there on the streets are dancing on children’s graves…
…while al-Qaeda infiltrated rebels are bravely and heroically defending civilians of east Aleppo.