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by admin, 1 year ago
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Story fed to the West and possibly Corporate media by #WhiteHelmets & Nedal Alamari on Twitter is that Russia is killing these children & they are being portrayed as victims of war, why then is a woman screaming at the boy or girl she calls Khaloud "Come here, dont go.!!", she is hysterical with fear. Why are there ONLY children in the ambulance, why are they being forced back into the ambulance when they try to get out, why when the woman screams for Khaloud to "come back" does the child put his head out of the window of the departing ambulance. Where is the ambulance going? Why are all these children being taken without mothers or family? Not one of the corporate media outlets will ever ask these contextual questions, not once. #WhiteHelmets are not "rescuing these children" what are they doing to them?