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Lunatic Drug-addict Nusra terrorist captured in Yabroud [English]

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by admin, 10 months ago
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#Syria #Al_Qaeda rats #Yabroud
This is a captured terrorist from Al-Nasra Front being interviewed by the Syrian State TV and not believing he's in hands of the Syrian Army.
If you notice in the video he does not blink his eyes ever, and you will see some weird facial expressions which refers - with no doubt- that he is under the effect of some sort of drugs like #Captagon which is widely common to use by the insurgents in Syria to keep the fighters on their feet during grueling battles and generate money for more weapons, with referring to the fact that most of them are local criminals if not Al-Qaeda members.
a:A For Mother Syria

The scum rebels favourite
:The #Drug Combating Department seized 5kg of Hashish&20,000 #Captagon pills in a farm at #Damascus c/s,#Syria,
also confiscated a raw materials
 for ?manufacturing drug and a tablet press machine.