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Protesting the Head of Iran Action Group and his Warhawk Agenda

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by admin, 6 months ago
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CODEPINK’s co-founder Medea Benjamin was forcibly escorted out of the Hudson Institute Sept. 19, after disrupting warhawk Brian Hook, U.S. Special Envoy to Iran and head of Trump’s Iran Action Group. Her protest against Hook’s belligerent speech and the administration’s harsh sanctions struck a chord with people in Iran. #PeacewithIran #Iran CODEPINK has been bombarded via email and Instagram with messages from ordinary Iranians expressing their thanks and echoing the call for peace. “The messages from Iranians keep pouring in and are so beautiful,” said Benjamin. “People in both countries want to live in peace. We have to stop the Trump administration from dragging us into another unjustified, unwinnable, catastrophic conflict.” #PeacewithIran #Iran