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Daraa Priest, Father Gerges Rizk, on What Really Happened in Daraa 2011

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by admin, 6 months ago
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In May, 2018, I traveled by taxi to Dara'a city, which was at the time still partially-occupied, and surrounded, by terrorists including al-Qaeda, , who were shelling and sniping civilians in the city.

In Dara'a, I visited a school that was heavily targeted by terrorists' mortars, the national hospital, likewise heavily targeted by mortars and snipers (getting to the hospital was risky in itself, traveling down a land just 100 metres from potential snipers, according to the Dara'a residents I was with).

Perhaps the most moving moments in Dara'a (aside from the realization the children and civilians were being daily bombarded and sniped by terrorists) was meeting Father Gerges Rizk and hearing about his experiences in the early months and years of what mass media claimed was an "unarmed uprising". Father Gerges' words, and those of other Dara'a civilians soon to be published, 100% contradict the lies of corporate media.


Dr Amer Ghantous on Lies Around Daraa 2011

Dara'a hospital, heavily targeted by terrorist mortars. Terrorist sniping makes it impossible to reach the pharmacy. [VIDEO]

Dara'a hospital gynecology ward off-limits due to terrorist bombing/sniping. [VIDEO]

Entire wards in Dara'a hospital destroyed and/or off-limits due to terrorist shelling and sniping. [VIDEO]

Another ward of Dara'a hospital is off-limits (and destroyed) due to danger from terrorist snipers. [VIDEO]

A brief look at one Dara'a school, nearly in ruins after being targeted with over 50 mortars from freedom-bringing, education-loving terrorists. As Issam al-Masalmeh, a Dara'a resident, spoke of these attacks, I'm told to be careful, snipers are 150 m down the road to my left. [VIDEO][0]=68.ARDd-EuDNoRO5C2AY6S7GC5fhfBKmye_o69eN_TwDtHkJhASinoJXg12wv892IpWcGu65_CU90XoREzUUOAKYy5x1GlBh8d20L8Prwl0TXCvnKWG0PXI_GF7M3QMzYpQMHiizRdz_gj1bNRFYYtgaWqMnMkkbl_rkc0PLum-u08eezO84uz8EQ&__tn__=K-R