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Meddling playbook: UK runs covert network to 'counter Russia' - docs

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by admin, 5 months ago
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Anonymous has published documents which it claims have unearthed a massive UK-led psyop to create a "large-scale information secret service" in Europe – all under the guise of countering "Russian propaganda."
#IntegrityInitiative is against Russia but they are actually targeting Western 'dissidents' who don't accept Orwellian Ministry of Truth propaganda pushers. Saw that first hand in spring when Nato's propaganda arm Atlantic Council targeted my person with smear campaign in UK MSM

That's a very good point. Which shows these western supremacists working for the psyop actually love persecution, authoritarianism & censorship, the very things they accuse Russia of. ??They are willing to be brutal to impose groupthink & obedient populations