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In the Name of the People : El Salvador\'s Civil War 1985 DOCUMENTARY

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by worrg, 7 years ago
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A Film by Frank Christopher & Alex Drehsler Narrated by: Martin Sheen ENGLISH VHS rip to xvid (yeah right, you try to find a DVD copy) Video: 528x400 29.97 fps COLOR 1187Kbps xvid 1.1.2 Audio: 128kbit ABR Joint Stereo MP3 English. Runtime: 1:13:57 698MB I make no apologies for the quality of the video. That said, the color is somewhat faded as though its a VHS of a broadcast. The audio is great though, makes you think Apocolypse Now, when you hear Martin Sheen start into his narration. By the way, I am told Ramone died in a major offensive by the government while this movie was in post production, along with a few others they show. I believe my one-eyed El Salvadoran friend when he tells me he fought alongside Ramone and shared many battles. Reviews: An evocative vision of a nation and its tragic civil conflict, IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE is the record of four filmmakers who secretly entered El Salvador, marched with a guerrilla column across the troubled country, and followed it into combat against government forces in San Salvador. The civil war is given a personal dimension as we meet the insurgents and their supporters - a guerrilla commander, a 12 year old messenger, a peasant family victimized by right wing death squads, and Charlie Clements, an American doctor working with the rebels. ** 1985 Academy Award Nominee, Best Feature Documentary ** Blue Ribbon Winner, 1985 American Film Festival