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Fallujah a Lost Generation

by worrg, 6 years ago
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This is a documentary by Feurat Alani called \"Fallujah: A Lost Generation.\" It is about the US military\'s use of depleted uranium and how it harms our war veterans, their families, as well as the local population. Included in this is a 4 minute and 40 second introduction by professor Doctor Christopher Busby on the importance of sharing this documentary, which is difficult to hear. If you cannot hear it, just skip over to 4:40 when the actual documentary begins. Here is what Busby said: \"The producer Feurat Alani has made an excellent feature film about Fallujah which explains the cause of the increases in congenital malformations in Fallujah, Iraq. And when we tried to put this up on Youtube it was immediately taken down. So within 2 minutes of it being put up on Youtube, it disappeared with a message saying that the copyright was held by Canal Plus, which is a French company -- a TV company -- which funded the production of this film. So you can\'t see it. Anyway, I mean in order to make sure that you can see it, what we have done is we\'ve put it up on vimeo and, at the moment, it still seems to be there on vimeo. So I shall put a stripe underneath to show you where you can access it and I strongly advise you to pull it down and to watch it because it\'s a very very powerful film. And you have to ask the question, \"why was it that it was taken off so rapidly?\" And when you look at it closely and you try to figure out why it was taken off so quickly, the answer is perfectly clear: Because the people who took it down don\'t want it to be shown in the United States so people can find out the cause of the congenital malformations in Iraq, which is the uranium weapons that were used in Iraq by the US led forces in 2004. So Feurat travels to Fallujah and he interviews various people there and discovers that there is, in fact, a large increase in congenital malformations there. And I have been involved in 3 papers now, which were in the peer-review literature, showing that there is this increase in congenital malformations and also big increase in cancer. So, we\'re looking for something that causes congenital malformations and cancer. And, of course, uranium fits the bill. In fact, there\'s nothing else that we found, when we looked in the hair [samples] of the parents [of the children] with the congenital malformation that could have possibly caused the congenital malformation. Anyway, Feurat goes there [to Fallujah] and comes here to Wales, to have a risk with fear, to talk to me about the measurements that we made where we found the uranium in the hair. It was slightly enriched uranium, incidentally -- which raises another load of questions. And then he went off to the United States and he talked to Doug Rokke who was in the military in charge of decontamination after the first Gulf War and who is now suffering from all sorts of diseases as a result of his exposure to depleted uranium weapons, as they then were, and he talks to people from the Pentagon and, interestingly, to an American Gulf War veteran, Gerard Matthew [a Gulf War II, 2003 Veteran of the Iraq War] who is suffering from all sorts of dreadful diseases and whose daughter has the same sort of congenital malformation that are being picked up in Iraq. ( So, anyway, watch this film and realize that there is a big cover-up of the effects of these weapons and pressure has to be brought on the authorities and on the military to stop using these weapons and to investigate the whole issue, because I have to say that there is a large amount of uranium circulating in the atmosphere NOW. So it\'s not just a question of people in Fallujah. It\'s also a question of people in Iraq, and people in Europe, and people in the United States. [There exists] [t]he concentration of uranium in high volume air samplers at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment in Aldermaston, Berkshire so we can monitor the levels of uranium in the atmosphere. And these levels have been just consistently rising ever since the first Gulf War. So, have a look at the film, download it if you can, and disseminate it all over the place because it could well be that it could be taken down from vimeo because there\'s a big, powerful machine out there trying to rubbish all this and to keep the evidence of this away from people. And bring pressure to bare on your Senators, your Congressmen, your Members of Parliament, or any powerful people or people with authority or influence to see if you can get this whole affair opened up and this issue raised in such a way that these weapons are banned. Thank You.\" If you know how, download this documentary for your own records & even re-upload if you can.