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Exposing the truth about media lies and Libyan rats in February 2011

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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The so-called \"revolution\" has began in Libya it February 2011. It had been based on traitors\' lie about their own country and government. With lies local traitors and global media legitimized the war and occupation of Libya. Since 2 years after beginning of riots many Libyans have witnessed that this so-called \"freedom\" was a fake. But they are afraid to say that because of danger of being tortured. This fact is admitted even by western mass media. But those who created and spreaded fake videos about riots in February 2011 still lying even now. They try to accuse army and patriots in crimes made by so-called revolutionaries. They try to scare or kill all Libyans who spreads true about events taking place in Libya since 2011 and until nowadays. We with our friends will expose traitors\' lies and show so-called \"peaceful protesters\" real behavior, as they raped and tortured families and still committing these crimes.