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Pipelines in Bernie-land

by admin, 3 years ago
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Did you know that there is a fracked gas pipeline currently under construction in Vermont? It is a transmission line that will transport fracked gas along the western side of the state, with future hopes of connecting to the national grid. One June 6th, protesters affiliated with Rising Tide Vermont stopped work on the pipeline for seven hours, locking themselves to construction equipment and blockading an access road. This action was part of a relentless, multi-year campaign to stop the pipeline.But how could this be happening in the land of Bernie? Unfortunately, the Vermont Senator remained silent for three years after the pipeline was announced in 2012. It wasn't until this January, in the midst of his presidential campaign, that he made his position on the pipeline known. Meanwhile, the permits have already been approved and pipe is being laid.Video ninja: JJ McNamaraMore info: