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Africa Addio - Colonisation of Africa TRUE STORY

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by admin, 2 years ago
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Africa Addio - The true story of the colonization of Africa

Some people say that Africa would have modernized anyway, without colonization, and that the colonization only hurt the country, but others say that Africa never would have modernized at all without colonization by the Western Europeans.

I think its not far-fetched to say that Western Europeans modernized Africa. Without European intervention they might be centuries behind. They were content living in the stone age for thousands of years. Science wasn't really anything important to them. It wasn't until European contact that they were brought out of the stone age. Of course their backwardness was what made it so easy for those Western European powers (8 countries from Europe have colonies, other 40 never have colonies no slavery) to claim land in the Africa.

Colonization didn't really hurt Africa because there wasn't much to hurt.