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Half of NGO Committee Scam Cited in UN Censorship Alliance by UN's Gilmour, Video Highlights

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by admin, 1 year ago
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By Matthew Russell Lee, Periscope outside event

UNITED NATIONS, March 16 – One side of the controversy surrounding the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organization ws presented on March 16 in the clubhouse the UN gives to the UN Correspondents Association, also known as the UN Censorship Alliance, complete with CPJ, UN official Andrew Gilmore and Human Rights Watch, which earlier this month told Inner City Press it does not view the crackdown in Cameroon as top-90 human rights issue and therefore left the country, along with Togo and Gabon, out of the 2018 "World" Report.

The side not be presented is the NGO Committee admitting, and retaining, groups like the China Energy Fund Committee, even after its chief if indicted for UN bribery of former President of the General Assembly Sam Kutesa, even after its 100% funding, the oil company CEFC China Energy, is taking over by the government. Instead, the NGO Committee was - rightly in some cases - by portrayed as too stringent. UN official Andrew Gilmour, who seemed to think this private event was a "UN event" but graceously provided Inner City Press a copy of his remarks. (We've put them on Scribd, here, and on Patreon here, direct, to make sure they stay available.) He said, "The Secretary-General and the High Commissioner have often spoken about the need for a vibrant civil society freed from unnecessary constraints. Yes, the UN is an intergovernmental body, of course, but “we the peoples” – the first three words of the
UN Charter – was not just a rhetorical flourish, or a joke." But the UN, including through its UN Censorship Alliance as well bigger pictures in its impunity for killing with cholera in Haiti, has become a joke. Gilmore spoke and left before the end.

A video was shown, speeched by China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran, contrasted with Estonia, Mexico and the US (which, Inner City Press has noted, repeatedly blocked a Sudanese NGO asserts it was connected with Osama Bin Laden but using the same technical tricks decried on March 16.) Periscope video here, around Minute 20. This all took place the private club of a group which urges the eviction of investigative press (and accepted funds from one of the NGOs of convicted UN bribery Ng Lap Seng, South South News, and then arranged for Ng to get a photo with the Secretary General). It was for pursuing that story that Inner City Press sought to cover an UNCA event in the UN Press Briefing Room, and was for that evicted from its work space, and two years and counting of restrictions. CJP did nothing - they use UNCA to "launch" their reports - just as CPJ has yet to opine on the UN's admission this week to Inner City Press that it investigates whistleblowers who leak to the investigative Press. HRW's UN lobbying urged the UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric to oust Inner City Press, here, and then falsely told Google the leaked complaint to the UN should be removed from Search as copyrighted. The result? Inner City Press WAS evicted, and its work space assigned to Egyptian state media Akhbar al Yom. Here's from the UN Censorship Alliance's notice: "details on the upcoming election and slate of candidates. The speakers include: Andrew Gilmour, Assistant UN Secretary-General for Human Rights, Louis Charbonneau, Human Rights Watch, Robert Mahoney, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)." It was Mahoney, when the UN's physical eviction of Inner City Press for pursuing the Ng Lap Seng bribery story was presented to CPJ who said he had looked into it - an "investigation" seemingly limited to conferring with his friend Charbonneau. Corporate media freedom - it's all among friends.