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Max Blumenthal Slams Richard Branson's 'Aid' Concert

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by admin, 3 months ago
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The editor of The Grayzone, Max Blumenthal, has slammed billionaire Richard Branson and the US government for promoting a concert on the Colombian border to raise funds for so-called 'aid'.

Calling on the global community to allow the people of Venezuela "to exercise their legal right to self determination," activist and Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters slammed billionaire Richard Branson for his planned "Live Aid-ish" concert in neighboring Colombia scheduled for later this week.

Billed by Branson as a relief concert for struggling Venezuelans, Waters argues that the concert "has nothing to nothing to do with humanitarian aid at all," but instead only furthers the narrative—promoted by the Trump administration—that President Nicolas Maduro should be overthrown.

Allowing political posturing like Branson's upcoming concert to go forward, Waters warns in a two-minute video posted to Twitter, could lead Venezuela "down a garden path that ends in regime change."

"Do we really want Venezuela to turn into another Iraq or Syria or Libya?" he asks. "I don't, and neither do the Venezuelan people."