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Media Blackout: 1,000 Whistleblowers At Pentagon

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by admin, 3 months ago
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Guess how many of these whistleblower complaints were not followed up on or investigated at all, guess how many of the 1197 whistleblower complaints were mysteriously closed without any investigation at all?


1094 whistleblower complaints that were filed, formally, officially filed at the Department of Defense Inspector General office were never looked into or investigated at all. They were immediately shutdown and silenced. Please think this through, that’s over 1000 whistleblowers recently stepping forward, in just the Pentagon, that were completely ignored, silenced. 1094 whistleblower complaints that were never followed up on or investigated. That is 91% of the whistleblower complaints that were filed at the Pentagon. 91% of whistleblower complaints that are formally filed at the Department of Defense Inspector General office are never investigated.

This means that one very brave whistleblower steps forward every single day, 365 a year, and they are completely ignored. It’s mind-blowing, and this is the norm. The unthinkable has become normalized. It’s surreal corruption.

Now, it is vital that you understand the full context here. There are a couple more significant layers to this, to say the least. Let me start by giving some more context on the act of blowing the whistle in the first place: you have to understand, within the military, the Pentagon and Intel Community, people are very reluctant to file whistleblower complaints. They know the odds are that they are going to be retaliated against. There are many cases of retaliation. Retaliation has become a huge scandal, retaliation has become an epidemic. It’s the norm now.