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Brussels tragedy may have been averted if Belgium had the most advanced Russian anti-terror devices

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by admin, 3 years ago
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The Brussels terror attacks have been a complete shock for Europeans, even though similar attacks occurred several months ago in Paris.

Even more strange is that Belgian intelligence knew of possible attacks and carried out constant anti-terror raids in the European capital.

But nothing helped: terrorists accomplished their mission without any problems from the security services. Why were the most crowded places like the airport and metro left completely unprotected? This question still remains unanswered.

Several years ago, Russia faced terrorism too: people still remember the horrible attacks in the Moscow metro in 2010 and at Domodedovo airport in 2011.

Following these tragedies, Russian authorities started to think about how to protect citizens, and as a result, Russian airports are now fully equipped with walk-through metal detector gates, x-ray scanners and other modern anti-terror devices.

Russian specialists claim that their scientific developments could have prevented the Brussels attacks. Why did it not happen, and and what are the most advanced Russian anti-terror devices that could have foiled the terrorists?

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