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Brian Goggin

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by Guest, 8 years ago
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BY STEFANIA ROUSSELLE Brian Goggin, the final artist chosen to compete for the Valencia Streetscape art project, has already created numerous public art works. Language of the Birds is in North Beach and represents flying luminous books that take off like birds. Defenestration, is an installation... Brian Goggin, an artist of infinite sculptural jest, has left his mark on the West Coast with his whimsical and vibrant layering of found objects and chaos-provoking sculptures. Goggin is a multi disciplinary artist who has created an interaction with the landscape that surpasses the physical limitations of traditional framed painting and free standing sculpture. Through a versatile use of materials, an intuitively driven research process, and creative visioning, I work to create artwork that poetically morphs expected notions of how we perceive and interact with our everyday environment. The work explores contemporary discoveries in the field of consciousness, and adds to a developing artistic mythology .... read all+pics