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Imminent Monetary System Collapse - Sheik Imran Hosein

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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Quantative Easing cannot work - it is all hocus pocus There is no way under the sun that the US$ can survive - its gone finished The paper and plastic money is a carefully constructed vehicle for the enslavement of the masses Without the support of the scholars of Islam there is little hope of establishing a Usury free economy. The money we are using is bogus The Prophet Mohammed refused to accept price controls - instead he believed in a free trade economy. So much so that it is permitted to trade with the enemy so long as there are no weapons involved. Sanctions are forbidden in Islam and are particularly evil. There is no brotherhood in trade This is the final part of this 4 part interview. But I will put it all together and then it will be a little longer as there are a few small parts removed from these extracts.