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False Propaganda Exposed RE: Two Faces on Blasphemy Law Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, Danish TV

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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Dr.Tahir ul Qadri destroys DAWA TV False propaganda Two Faces on blasphemy Law Truth Revealed !! Dr Tahir ul Qadri destroys False Propaganda about Two Faces on Blasphemy Law --- ----- --- I have seen original \"full\" clips and therefore know how this cut-and-paste has totally tempered with the meaning. As per my knowledge this tempering was originally done by Qadiyanis and now other people are spreading it without even knowing the agenda behind this tempering. I have listened to this video clip completely and can say with full confidence that neither there is any contradiction in what he is saying, nor has he lied anywhere in it. Here is an explanation of how: 1. Is the punishment applicable on non-Muslims or not? In the beginning Dr Sahib is saying that blasphemy is not applicable on non-Muslims. This is a part of a scholarly briefing in which he presented view points of different Islamic schools. In this part of the briefing he was presenting the view of Hanafi School as he presented other\'s views also during the talk. In the other clip he is stating his own opinion and judgment about the matter in which he is saying that this punishment is applicable to non-Muslims also. 2. Every law has two components: (i) Substantive Law: It explains what is the crime and what should be its punishment. He proved in court that blasphemy is a crime and its punishment is death. He also clearly stated the same it in his interview with the Danish TV Channel but the makers of this cut-and-paste video have deliberately hidden that portion. (ii) Procedural Law: It explains the procedure to implement it e.g. at which level it can be reported, how many witnesses will be needed, who can take action against it etc. Dr Sahib has difference on this part from the very beginning (since the time of Zia ul Haq) as in its current shape it can easily be misused (and in fact has been misused many times). When he said in interview that he differs on this law he talked about Procedural Law and clearly said it in the interview. But again this has been deliberately removed from the tempered video clip. 3. About the Zia ul Haq reign: Besides Zia ul Haq\'s repeated requests, Dr Sahib didn\'t join his cabinet. But when there was a case in the court about what is the punishment of blasphemy in Islam, and scholars were not able to prove anything convincingly, he gave arguments with a 14 hours talk and proved that in Judaism, Christianity and Islam the punishment of blasphemy is death. When court was about to announce its decision, Zia suddenly made this law for some political point scoring. But as per the Procedural Law, it needed many improvements. In other words, Dr Sahib fought the case of blasphemy law in Zia\'s reign, but he wasn\'t a part of his government.