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Condemnation of FSA Abduction of Aleppo Archbishops on Palm Sunday

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and of all the East, John (Yohanna) X Yazigi has strongly condemned the cowardly act undertaken by a \"Free Syrian Army\" (FSA) terrorist group that involved the kidnapping of two Aleppo archbishops, one of them being his own brother, after killing their driver, a deacon. In his Palm Sunday sermon in the Balamand monastery in northern Lebanon, John X stressed that these acts do not weaken the resolve of the Christians of Syria in remaining citizens of Syria while clinging to their land. A similar condemnation came from Beirut\'s archbishop for the Greek Orthodox. So far, the two archbishops remain in the hands of the FSA terrorist group after almost a full week since their abduction. Source: al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)