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Only in Syria - Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun Leads a Christmas Mass

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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Because it\'s the blessed land and because its people demonstrated tolerance throughout their 12,000 years of civilization, and because its people refuse to bow, you see all the evil dogs wanting to attack her. It\'s Syria, the oldest civilization on the planet which gifted the human kind the Alphabet and to leave in peace, which never attacked any other country and was attacked by each other country, which hosted millions of refugees coming from horror caused upon them by all the evil forces on the planet, because all of that, they attack it now and punish its people and bring the hatred filling their hearts over the Syrians. If Wahhabis managed to take over Syria, there will be instead of the Grand Mufti leading a Christian mass with respect and love, their Wahhabi Mufti, as he stated from Saudi, will persecute any non-Wahhabi and will slay them and destroy their houses of God, and the evil powers NATO terrorist organization and its stooges will praise them.