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Be donbale solh English Asli Asli

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by admin, 3 years ago
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Missione umanitaria in Siria

Peace Activists Delegation From Iran to Syria


Terrific, English subtitled, documentary on the peace pilgrimage from Iran to Syria in 2014. Prominently features Carmelite SisterAgnès-mariam de la Croix, whose ideas and words and the things she has born witness to with her own eyes so intimidates Ikhwanjis in exile like Ramah Kudaimi, along with walking/talking limited hangout Jeremy Scahill, and Ikhwan hanger-on Max Blumenthal, that they successfully lobbied to get her kicked off panels dealing with Syria.” ~ Navid Nasr 

“In both Islam and Christianity there are some extremist sects, who explain the written text for their own sake. We refuse any sort of distortion for all religions, especially for Islam. We hope that Muslims will wake up to face these challenges and stop supporting these movements.”

That will never happen as long as anyone who says something along these lines is shouted down with cries of “Islamophobia!” ~ Mother Agnes Mariam