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Shanthi, the National Zoo\'s Musical Elephant, Plays the Harmonica!

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by worrg, 7 years ago
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When the elephant keepers at the Smithsonian\'s National Zoo hear the sound of a harmonica, it\'s not the radio they\'ve left on. Instead, it\'s the Zoo\'s 36-year-old Asian elephant, Shanthi, who, unsolicited, has a propensity for coming up with her own ditties using whatever...The keepers provided the instruments after they noticed that Shanthi, more so than the Zoo’s two other elephants, likes to make noise with objects. According to keepers, she will use her trunk to cover anything with a hole in it and blow until it makes a sound—and will often coax the objects to get different types of sounds from it. She taps objects with her trunk and flaps her ears against objects that make noise. Now they give the melodious pachyderm noisemakers as a form of enrichment.