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Toxic waste makes Somalis

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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Somali fisherman only turned to hijack after European/Japanese ships 1 Overfished their waters and paid no taxes 2 Dumped Toxic Waste in Somali Waters 3 Dumped Nuclear Waste in Somali Waters 4 This waste was also buried on Somali land next to motorways/villages 5 This waste caused abortions, birth defects and health issues amongst Somali People Italian journalists Ilaria Alpi, who investigated Government and Mafia links to this story was assassinated as some \"Aid\" agencies were hiring fishing boats and filling them with waste for dumping. (see Somali \"Pirates\" and Toxic Waste video) US and European military ships in the area have witnessed these abuses but do not intervene For compensation and revenge some Somali fisherman began to hijack ships that were in their waters illegally and hold them to ransom. The money was used to help their families.Somali pirates recently offered to send money to Haiti after the earthquake