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Chemtrail/Geoengineering Programs discussed on the Discovery Channel

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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“Discovery Channel actually agreed to air this – the pressure must be getting to them, and the so called “Climate Change” deception is getting closer to the end of its rope! I see they did include the hard working disinfo shill Mick West and his vid of WWII bombers spewing out tetra-ethel-lead additives. Persistent contrails “chemtrails” are visual evidence of H2o forming around a Cloud Condensation Nuclei – the question is what does the CCN consist of nowadays? Conspiracy theory, my ass.” You Tube Comment “I also wish that the video should have also mentioned “Welsbach” earth metals and how the HAARP type systems microwaves can be used to direct and steer earth metal aerosols to force climate in specific regions. Often you can see the thumbprint cloud signature corralling cloud formations into long un-natural borders in the sky.” YOU TUBE COMMENT “Every single day in the skies above not only the U.S. but all the other NATO countries as well from unmarked tanker jets. The metal particulates contained in the atmospheric aerosols are conductors for the HAARP device-a silent but deadly WMD. We are all being sprayed like bugs-slow death-this is mass planetary genocide…”