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by worrg, 6 years ago
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 RESTRICTIONS: This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use. It is not to be sold on and is restricted for other purposes. All enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CREDIT REQUIRED: AU/UN IST LANGUAGE: SOMALI /NATS
Wide of IDP camp and AMISOM vehicles 2. Medium shot of soldier standing guard 3. Medium shot of makeshift houses in IDP camp 4. Wide shot of IDP camp 5. Soldier watching over camp from top of vehicle 6. Medium of women and children gathered in the IDP camp 7. Closeup of soldier’s boots 8. Wide of AMISOM soldiers walking past vegetables that are being sold 9. Soundbite (Somali) Arda Ahmed Hirsi, Internally Displaced Person: “The international community and our Somali brothers and sisters should do whatever they can to help us. We’ve got lots of problems here, for example we need water and shelter, let them come and give whatever they can.” 10. Wide of traders and animals in livestock market 11. Medium of livestock traders 12. Medium of a herd of goats 13. Medium of donkey walking past 14. Closeup of livestock trader’s face 15. Medium of traders driving away goats 16. Medium of a herd of goats 17. Soundbite (Somali) Adawe Elmi Nur, Deputy Governor, Hiiran: “We have good security now. If security was bad, there would have been no one here. If it wasn’t safe, this market would not be bustling the way it is now.” 18. Wide of humvee driving down Beletweyne’s main street 19. Wide of AMISOM soldiers patrolling the street 20. Medium of children watching the soldiers 21. Closeup of female AMISOM soldier’s face 22. Wide of women walking past female soldier 23. Closeup of Djibouti patch on AMISOM soldier’s uniform 24. Wide of soldier on guard in street 25. Closeup of bees crawling on watermelon 26. Wide of watermelon trader/AMISOM soldiers/pedestrians 27. Closeup of watermelon trader’s face 28. Medium of watermelon trader attending to a customer 29. Medium of AMISOM soldier on guard 30. Medium of African Union and Djibouti flags 31. Wide of AMISOM camp 32. Closeup on face of Col. Osman Dubad, the Djibouti Contingent Commander 33. Medium of Dubad and other officers checking text messages on their phones 34. Soundbite (Somali) Col. Osman Dubad, Djibouti Contingent Commander “As AMISOM, we appealed to the local population to place their trust in us. They did, and it has made our job easier and helped us to interact well with the communities here which is very important and we’ve managed to integrate really well with all levels of society.” 35. Wide of Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers marching 36. Closeup of SNA soldier’s face 37. Wide of soldiers standing at attention 38. Closeup of soldier’s boots 39. Wide of soldiers standing at attention 40. Closeup of soldier’s face 41. Wide of soldiers running towards vehicles 42. Closeup of gun’s muzzle 43. Closeup of soldier’s hand on gunsight 44. Medium of soldiers manning gun mounted on vehicle 45. Wide of SNA soldiers manning technicals 46. Wide of sun setting over Beletweyne 47. Medium of AMISOM soldier kneeling during evening prayers 48. Wide of AMISOM soldiers praying in tent 49. Medium of soldier raising his hands while praying 50. Wide of tent where AMISOM soldiers are praying 51. Wide of soldiers praying inside tent 52. Medium of sun setting behind a hill