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The most primitive tribe of the planet :The Toulambi (Original of 2322esther by Miri)

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by Guest, 8 years ago
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In the full XXI century, the team of Jean-Pierre Dutilleaux explorer and ethnographer had the privilege of contact in 1998, after many obstacles,with The Toulambis a tribe that had never seen a white man, or had been involved with the outside world.
They did not believe in the existence of the white man and when they saw Jean-Pierre thought it was a living dead.
In its purest and most primitive living so as in prehistoric times, they do not know the wheel or anything other than the environment around.
Live of hunting in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea.
For the first time in their lives tried the rice, liked only with salt.
Blows to the head means that they like the food.
It is amazing to see their faces in fear, distrust and much astonishment at the absolutely new and strange things they discovered, such as metal, mirrors, plastic, film crews, recorded music and hearing their own voices on the recorder.
Spent three days near the camp and the last day allowed to receive medicines.
Before leaving, offered a dance and songs of his tribe, then were going to get lost in the dense jungle ... your home. Esther by Miri

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux was born in Malmedy, Belgium, director, anthropologist, explorer and defender of Indian rights
In 1973 he made his first contact with the hostile tribe Txuccaramaes (those who hit with sticks) of the Kayapo, the savage heart of Matto Grosso, where nearly lost his life in the hands of the tribe, the chief Raoni saved his life .
Since then, Jean Pierre was dedicated to saving the territory of this tribe, of government of that country, making a world tour with the chief Raoni where senior leaders, the nobility and Pope John Paul II ,the received
Raoni\'s message was \"My name is Raoni, I am the chief of the Kayapo. People are destroying the forest, are wiping out wildlife, fatally wounding my people, killing the Earth. Help me, before it too late! \"
Dutellieux visited the most remote places in search of primitive tribes, as the Toulambis ,that live as in the Stone Age and are being decimated by logging of their forests, and diseases like malaria.
He leads them medication and is responsible for helping to protect their rights and tribal lands. Esther by Miri