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The Wahhabis in Syria Target University Students

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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After the horrendous attack on Aleppo University earlier this year by the \"Free Syrian Army\" (FSA), there have been other attacks on universities that led to the death of students. This video has two parts. Part 1 shows the reaction from a university professor after her students were killed by the mortar attack of the FSA as she completely lets her anger loose on those who support this \"revolution.\" She defies them by proudly stating that she stands strongly behind President Bashar al-Assad. Part 2 shows an interview of a kid - Ammar Baloush - brainwashed by the FSA to kill his fellow students based on sectarian affiliation, which apparently made them Shabbiha, because they support their government. He shows no remorse or regret for his crime. On the contrary, he feels bad he did not kill more. The interview is recent; however, the crime itself took place back in late 2011. Many in the Syrian opposition hailed him as a hero back then