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Refugees from Choucha Camp (Tunisia) on hunger strike in front of the UNHCR in Tunis

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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About 50 African refugees of Libyan war, who have been living in Choucha camp (South of Tunisia, at the border with Libya) since 2011 have been on a sit-in in front of the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Tunis for more than a week. 37 of them have been on a hunger strike since the 29th of March. Despite their refugee status, they say they\'re not sufficiently protected in Tunisia, following several racist attacks that they had to face during their two year stay in Tunisia. As the Choucha camp is scheduled to close by June 2013, they urge the UNHCR to facilitate their relocation in another country. So far, the UNCHR did not agree with their demand and the protesters will continue their hunger strike.