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In 3 days, Tortured to Death in Custody - #Bahrain

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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Three days of torture ended Ali\'s life in #Bahrain jail The Martyr Ali Isa Ibrahim Saqer March 2011, Bahrain is under state of emergency The massive protests at the Pearl square in manama had just been crushed by the GCC forces who entred Bahrain territory The troops carried out day and night house raids, and practiced wide horrifying abuses Bahrainis have never witnessed before The Bahrain independent commission of inquiry chaired by int\'l law expert Mr cherif bassiouni has documented a wide portion of these abuses Ali Saqer\'s home was raided by the troops His family was threatened that if he did not hand himself in they would be attacked On 17th April 2011 Ali appeared at Hamad town police station After three days ...he was pronounced dead The commission\'s report sates in paragraph 992 that : 19 April 2011, Mr Ali Isa Ibrahim Saqer was pronounced dead. The death certificate states that the cause of death was hypovolemic shock resulting from several traumas. The BICI, also, stated in paragraph 993 that: A forensic report confirmed the cause of death and concluded that the deceased had dark red bruises across the body but mostly around the back of the hands and right eye. His wrists had red flaking marks because of handcuffing and these marks were of recent origin. In paragraph 996, the BICI concluded that: The death of Mr Ali is attributed to torture at the Dry Dock Detention Centre. Mr Ali was in the custody of the MoI at the time of his death.