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NY Govt Forcing Vendors to Throw Away Good Food -- for Improperly Displaying It

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by admin, 3 years ago
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Read Full Story Here:

A witness recorded the event with a cell phone and the video was submitted to The Free Thought Project from the Facebook page of Gary Schlesinger. Police hover in the background as sanitation workers pick up large crates of fresh produce outside shops and start hurling them into the back of the trash-collecting dump truck.


What is the reason for trashing perfectly good food when there are hungry families within a short radius? Why confiscate it from business owners at all – and then trash it?

Improper display.

That’s right. Fanatical code enforcement. According to Schlesinger, NYC police ordered the removal and trashing of the produce because it was more than four feet outside the store.

If the people chucking the perfect food are indeed sanitation workers – then it appears that the city ordered the police to order the workers to collect the fresh food instead of actual garbage. What a clear waste! And an unfair thing to order workers to do whether they be from a private company or work for the city. That is not their job. One watching the cringe-worthy footage wishes all involved had simply refused to follow such a command.

Be sure to look below the video after watching to see some pretty absurd government hypocrisy when it comes to hunger and food waste.

The infuriating video below has garnered nearly 20,000 shares on Facebook and over 15,000 comments. Unfortunately, not too many other details are known.