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Whistleblowers - Jonathan Sugarman 15 11 2016

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by admin, 2 years ago
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Tell me what do you think of the event that took place here today?
Today’s event was one of the highlights of my life in so far, I have been telling the story for 9 years. I even told my story to Kathimerini Magazine some years ago, my story has been discussed in Irish Parliament, in the Irish Senate, in the Austrian parliament but yet nobody has been held uncountable nor I have been giving any assistance. The Central Bank our «Κεντρική Τράπεζα» is well aware of what happened, I walked in broad light and told them, that I was breaking the law, I didn’t know as I said inside that my chairman was a friend of the Prime Minister here I am 9 years later no employment, nothing left, my possessions for the simple crime of obeying the law.
So you think that event like this that have MEPs listen to stories of whistle-blowers could somehow help and they could be positive to what stories like yours?
Definitely. I think people should realise that literally people have gotten away with murder. When you hear about the suicide rates in places like Greece, when you hear about the fact that something like 10% of the Greek population goes to bed starving, this didn’t happen because of an earthquake. It happened because people in key positions did not do their job. Either by neglect or criminal conduct, deliberate conduct. And nobody has been held to account. Every bank in Greece has at least one risk manager. In some large retail banks you might have at least 50 people working in risk. Who signed off all those loans?
And since this event is happening at the European Parliament and you are here and it is great pleasure of ours that you are here. What would be your message or request for the European Parliament and MEPs if they could do something for you not only specifically but for people like you whistle-blowers in general?
Well I think for all of us, the most important thing is to live our lives with dignity and the dignity has been taken away for millions of people throughout the European Union because they can barely feed their children, they can barely feed their children because other people have made billions and got away with it and the people who allow them to get away with it are the regulators and the politicians. In many countries they have been public inquiries, parliamentary inquiries into the crimes of the banks, I believe you have already had one in the Vouli at Syntagma, how many bankers have you got in prison.