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JEBRIN REGISTRATION CENTRE: "Terrorists were shooting at us.."

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by admin, 7 months ago
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On the 14th December 2016 we were able to enter Jebrin Registration Centre in East Aleppo that received, in total, around 95k cvilians, another 10k civilians rejoined their families in West Aleppo, after liberation, without passing by the Jebrin centre. So in total an estimated, 110k civilians left East Aleppo following its liberation from Nusra Front-led occupation, which had last almost five years.

Main points:

1. Terrorists told civilians that if they tried to leave East Aleppo the Syrian Army would kill them
2. When civilians did try to leave the terrorists started shooting them
3. Terrorists told civilians that the Syrian Government were infidels and didnt believe in God
4. When this witness told the terrorists that the Syrian Govt and people in the west are Muslims just like us, he was imprisoned.
5. The terrorists beat him and accused him of being a "Shabiha".
6. When civilians tried to resist terrorist rule, they were shot at.
7. The SAA received them well and took care of them
8. The terrorists would execute anyone who spoke against them, behead them or slaughter them
9. The terrorists killed his brothers son.
10. There were no doctors, only for the fighters and the treatment was very primitive.
11. If civilians refused to work with the terrorists, they were deprived of food or medicine.
12. Every terrorist would marry 3 or 4 women for a week then discard them
13. Each terrorist group, Nour Al Din Zinki, Fastaqim, Jabhat Al Nusra, Abu Amara brigade, had different countries sponsoring them. US, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia are named.