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UK extremist sectarian terrorist supporters disrupt talk on #Syria

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by admin, 2 years ago
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The SSUKers at work apologizing for terrorism. This is sectarian censorship at its best. This is what the Syrian people have endured for the last six years...only with guns, hell cannon, snipers, grad missiles, knives, suicide bombers, rapists, murderers and all manner of criminal terrorism.
My talk on #Syria based on testimonies from REAL Syrian people in Syria, at the Marx Memorial Library on 1st March 2017.
1. Classic "Is that your salute?"
2. I am a Syrian doctor in UK for one year, with a perfect Birmingham accent. LOL
3. Chants of "Free free free Syria"...question "from what?"
4. ISIS fan club have come to our meeting.
Thank you brother Ranjeet Brar for the video.


More Sectarian Barking from SSUK Attack Dog Supporting Terrorism in Syria

Co Founder of SSUK loses control very easily at my talk on Syria in London 1st March 2017. He almost immediately becomes enraged and violent, shouting down Syrians in the audience who were trying to contradict his narrative, luckily they had a chance to express themselves once he had been thrown out of a meeting that had already been disrupted various times, by stink bombs and other mature antics from the UK funded supporters of regime change in Syria.

More information on Abdulaziz Almashi here


Vanessa Beeley On Aleppo, White Helmets, MSM Lies and Syria's Future

A Division Bell Exclusive: Vanessa Beeley gives a presentation no her investigative journalism from Syria.