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Returning 885 - 2016 (15:52)

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by admin, 9 months ago
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The movie “Returning 885” portrays the first attempt of Said, a Palestinian refugee living in a Lebanese refugee camp, to see his ancestors’ land.
In this documentary, Said narrates his journey from Beirut to Al Ghabsiya, the consequences of the Nahr Al Bared war and stories from the Nakba, the catastrophe, and how these shaped his knowledge and connection with his homeland.

Editing by : Mohammad Al-Khateeb
Camera man: Hassan Safadi
Leen Itani
Tareq Al-Bakri
Ahmad Bader
Thanks to : Wael Farghawi
Yousef Abdul-Razik
Alaa Falah
Haytham Abdul-Al
Khalid Lobani
Rami Fares
Rafat Harb

Special Thanks to; Sawa Forum and Cafe
Arab Education Forum
Sawa Initiative for Change
Translated By : Mira Jamil
Hekmat Allami
English subtitles Proof-Read by Charly Hallak
Artist Supervision : Dahna Abourahme
Bassam Chekhes

Editing consultant: Carine Doumit

Trainers: Joude corani
Sarah Kaskas
Ghassan Salhab
Mohamad soueid