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UN Speeches: Bolivian President Evo Morales

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by admin, 1 year ago
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Evo Morales Defends Life and Humanity at the UN General Assembly

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has condemned terrorism, abusive market practices and wars in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya as well as the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
Bolivia condena el terrorismo y llama a combatirlo resolviendo también las causas estructurales de su surgimiento.
— Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) 20 September 2017
In his address to the 72nd U.N. General Assembly in New York, Morales sent his solidarity to the people of Mexico following the 7.1 earthquake.
He also expressed his solidarity with the Caribbean nations suffering the scourges of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.
The Bolivian leader attributed recent earthquakes and hurricanes to climate change, which is a consequence, in turn, of the capitalist model and excessive industrialization.
“Hurricanes, earthquakes, pollution, extinction of species, droughts, all this is a product of the capitalist model and industrialization,” he said.
Morales also criticized the attitude of the United States government to the Paris Climate Agreement and called its decision to withdraw, unjustifiable.
He said as one of the main polluters, the U.S. refuses to join the global effort and its government has become a threat to Mother Earth.
Como uno de los principales contaminadores, EEUU rechaza sumarse a esfuerzo global, su gobierno se ha convertido en amenaza a Madre Tierra.
— Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) 20 September 2017
He slammed the double standards of the U.S. President Donald Trump in his speech and the measures taken by the United States against migration and the construction of U.S. Mexican border wall.
“Bolivia condemns the construction of walls and the laws that criminalize migration, for which we propose Universal Citizenship. Some governments instead of contributing to the solution of the structural causes that cause this phenomenon announce greater restrictions.”
Morales also denounced the new U.S. sanctions against Cuba and urged Washington to compensate Havana for the damage caused by the economic blockade.
Returning to the environmental theme, he emphasized the importance of water as an element which unifies the planet and called for reflection on the inequality in the world.
Finally, President Morales condemned the development, manufacture and use of nuclear and chemical weapons, calling for restraint from any military intervention on the Korean peninsula and the resumption of negotiations to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way.