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Hacktivists being treated like terrorists?

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by worrg, 6 years ago
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In two court rulings this week, computer law suffered serious setbacks as far as information sharing is concerned. In New Jersey, Andrew Auerheimer, aka weev, was convicted on counts relating to accessing a protected computer after he went public with an iPad security flaw that exposed thousands of...The internet calls it hacktivism, the US government terrorism. People like Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond and many more are facing an unjust decision. Hacktivism is based on ideologies: free flow of information, transparency or how you wanna call it. Hacktivism is NOT damaging. It is a way to expose the lies. Thats the problem . . . problem for politicians, governments, banks, corporations etc. They can not accept And that’s why they are treating hacktivists like terrorists. Hacktivists are not terrorists.